Yes, you can stitch/merge together multiple surveys provided you match following conditions.

  • Flight altitude, camera model, and camera sensor remains same.
  • Weather conditions during all surveys are identical. To know more about this, refer Guidelines For a Quality Orthomosaic
  • Adjacent surveys should be carried out with  at least 20% Overlap (Figure 1).
  • Survey boundaries need to have at least 75m buffer.
  • You need to create a single Mission Configuration file while stitching multiple surveys.
    To know more about this, refer 
    Creating a Mission Configuration file

Figure 1: A complete AOI divided into two Flight Plans/Surveys

How to stitch multiple surveys into one?

Stitching (Adding) more than one surveys' images is quite easy and is as equal as adding survey images from different survey folders into single. To stitch/merge multiple surveys together, refer Adding a Survey in Precisionviewer  and make sure that you repeat Step 2 and Step 3 from the topic until you add all of the survey images from your multiple surveys which you wish to stitch together.

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