PrecisionViewer gives you the ability to cross-check you data in the field without internet connection as well as uploading capabilities when the internet is present. Before leaving the field, it is recommended to cross-check flight path coverage of your survey. 

You can also add Ground Control points, and can view Flight Path, Area of Interest (AOI).

Note: For best performance, Windows users should have Windows 8 or higher version.

 Make sure you have uninstalled any previous version of PrecisionViewer or DataMapper Infield Tool before installing the newer version.

To download PrecisionViewerfollow these steps.

1. Navigate to PrecisionMapper homepage (, log in to your account and 

     click Downloads.

2. In PrecisionMapper section (Figure 1), click the installer package suitable for your 

     operating system.

Figure 1: PrecisionViewer Tool section

3. Download and install the package.
      A PrecisionViewer icon (Figure 2) will be generated on your desktop.

Figure 2: PrecisionView Tool icon