PrecisionViewer allows you to add surveys in both, Offline as well as Online mode
(Figure 1). In both modes, the procedure to add survey remains the same.
Hence, the mode selection depends on the availability of internet.

Figure 1: Infield tool login window

To add a survey follow these steps.

1. Click Offline Mode on PrecisionViewer login window.
      Or log into the PrecisionViewer

2. Click Add Survey (Figure 2).

Figure 2: Adding Survey

Adding Images and GPS file

3. Click Choose Images (Figure 3and select the appropriate images from your computer.

Figure 3: Choosing Images

Note: While uploading a survey, the survey images must be provided with GPS data. 

                GPS data consists of parameters like latitude, longitude, and altitude.
                Depending upon the type of your drone, your survey images may possess GPS data
                embedded inside the images or it may be available in a separate file.  

4. If no GPS data is detected, upload the separate GPS file (.dat or .csv format file) available 

     in your respective survey folder (Figure 4 and Figure 5).

Figure 4: Absence of GPS data in survey images

Figure 5: Selecting GPS file

5. Click Next.

Entering Camera Parameters

6. Depending upon your drone, PrecisionViewer will auto-sense the camera parameters (Figure 6). 

Failing to do this, manually provide all the details in Camera Parameters and click Next.

Note: If a particular camera model is not available in the list, select Custom.

Figure 6: Selecting Camera Model as Custom


Entering Survey Details

7. Enter the appropriate survey details (Figure 7).

Figure 7: Entering Survey Details

8. Scroll down and select Send Flightlogs to PrecisionMapper checkbox to attach any flight logs and
      flight bounds files if available 
(Figure 8).

Note: Flight bounds file is necessary to view Area of Interest in PrecisionViewer.

Figure 8: Selecting flight log file (mission.dat for PrecisionHawk drones)

9. Click Add Survey. The survey will be added to your PrecisionViewer's survey list.