Before uploading a survey using PrecisionViewer , make sure that you have
successfully added a survey.

To know how to add a survey, please refer Adding a survey using PrecisionViewer .

To upload a survey using PrecisionViewer , follow these steps.

1. Log into PrecisionViewer .

2. Click Upload icon present on your survey's thumbnail (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Uploading the Survey

3. Depending upon your requirement, and available software, select appropriate Output formats.

Note: PrecisionViewer selects GeoTiff and KML options as default options as they are the
                 two essential outputs required for applying an algorithm.

4. Select Crop to area of interest checkbox if you want outputs focused on your selected
     Area of Interest (AOI).

5. Click Save (Figure 2). The PrecisionViewer will start uploading the survey images.

Note: Depending upon the survey size, and internet speed, the PrecisionViewer 

                 takes some time to upload a survey.

Figure 2: Selecting Job Options