To upload survey using PrecisionMapper web-based application follow these steps.

1. Navigate to and log into your account.

2. In Surveys tab, click My Surveys.

3. Click Upload Survey (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Uploading a Survey

Adding Images & GPS Data

4. Click Choose Images and select the appropriate images from your computer.

Note: While uploading a survey, the survey images must be provided with GPS data. 

GPS data consists of parameters like latitude, longitude, and altitude.
Depending upon the type of your drone, your survey images may possess GPS data embedded inside the images or it may be available in a separate file.

5. If no GPS data is detected, upload the separate GPS file (.dat or .csv format file) available in your respective survey folder (Figure 2  and Figure 3). 

Figure 2: Missing GPS data

Figure 3: Selecting GPS file (telemetry.dat for PrecisionHawk drones)

6. Click Next.

Entering Camera Parameters

7. Fill out all the fields in Camera Parameters and click Next (Figure 4).

Figure 4: Entering Camera Parameters

Entering Survey Details & Selecting Outputs

8. Enter the survey details and, select 2D and / or 3D outputs checkboxes and click Start Upload
(Figure 5).

Note: PrecisionMapper selects Georeferenced Image and KMLTile Set options as default options, as they are the two essential outputs required for applying an algorithm.

Depending upon the survey size, and internet speed, the PrecisionMapper application takes some time to upload the survey.

Figure 5: Entering Survey details

9. After successful uploading, the survey's orthomosaic thumbnail will be displayed in My Surveys tab (Figure 6).

Figure 6: Uploaded Survey in My Surveys tab


Accepting Orthomosaic & Outputs

10. Click the survey. The application displays the survey page (Figure 7).

11.On the survey page, click Orthomosaic drop-down box at the right side and make sure it displays status as Ready to Review 

(Figure 7).

Figure 7: Status of the Orthomosaic 

12. Inspect the Orthomosaic.
Below the orthomosaic, the page displays the jobs (Outputs) created.

Make sure that all the jobs display status as Complete (Figure 8).

Figure 8: Orthomosaic jobs and their status

NoteIf you find the orthomosaic to be unsatisfactory or if at all any job completion is unsuccessful, reject it by clicking Decline
(This will not add to your Orthomosaic count and hence you will not be charged).

After accepting the Orthomosaic, your survey is ready for applying algorithms!