Fix 1 1. Connect the drone to DJI Go app.
2. Ensure it displays "Safe to fly (GPS)" on the dashboard.
3. If the dashboard has an error message, please take necessary action and try connecting the Drone.
If the top bar displays "No Signal" then initiate Fix 2.Connect the drone to DJI Go app.
App fails to connect to the Drone
Fix 2 1. Navigate to Settings > Device > Apps on your device.
2. Open DJI Go app (if installed) and navigate to Open by default.
3. Tap "Clear Defaults".
4. Repeat this step on PrecisionFlight for DJI app and other third party apps that support DJI SDK, to ensure that the device does not open apps by default.
5. Reconnect the drone and select InFlight option from the pop-up bar by tapping twice or selecting "Only Once".
6. Please ensure that you DO NOT select "Always" to avoid defaults.
If the issues still persist, you can try “Fix 3”.

Fix 3 1. Disconnect the device from the RC.
2. Restart the RC.
3. Exit all DJI applications which you have opened in your device.
4. Reconnect the RC.
Only one app (DJI Go/PrecisionFlight App) opens by default once the Drone is connected (ANDROID ONLY)

Please follow steps mentioned in Fix 2 of Row 1.
Unable to see Camera view on DJI Go OR X5 camera LED is not blinking

1. Please follow steps mentioned in Fix 2.of Row 1 If the issue still persists, then follow the below procedures.
2. Please ensure your SD card is plugged in at all times and has enough space for the mission.
3. If the camera is anything other than solid green, identify the LED Status here: and take the necessary action.
4. Reconnect the drone and select PrecisionFlight option from the pop-up bar by tapping twice or selecting "Only Once".
5. Please ensure that you DO NOT select "Always" to avoid defaults.
Error message "Cannot upload mission, quad is not in the air"

The firmware on the quad is out of date. Follow Pre-Flight Instructions for updating firmware.

Solid Red LED on Matrice

1. Insert battery at the bottom bay and restart the Drone.
2. Keep ears open for the ESC initiation sound.
3. If you have not registered the Drone, register it through DJI GO app, and restart the drone again.

ESC Status Error on Matrice

1. Ensure the power cable is plugged in for both bottom and top battery bays.
2. Make sure that the bottom battery is turned on before the top one.

Controller beeps continuously when turned on (Continuous blinking red)

1. Move the sticks around and see if the controller stops beeping.
2. If this does not help then calibrate the remote controller through DJI GO app (Instructions: