PrecisionMapper Local Application

PrecisionMapper Local application is PrecisionHawk’s proprietary software that PrecisionMapper offers to its users who wish to have a local or offline orthomosaic engine. The application will stitch source images from any device as long as you have images paired with latitude, longitude and altitude data GPS data.

This program will not run PrecisionMapper algorithms these can only be used by uploading to the system. Also Orthomosaics will run differently than they would from an upload to for automated processing. When running an orthomosaic in the PrecisionMapper Local software you will have full control over the processing parameters that go into the stitching. Some knowledge of basic Remote Sensing techniques may be necessary to calibrate these parameters yourself. 

System Requirements

Like most image processing software PrecisionMapper Local requires a fairly high grade computer when it comes to memory and processing power. Below are some Minimum and Recommended system requirements for running this program- 


  • 16 GB of RAM (May need higher based on project size)
  • 40 GB of free space on HDD (May need higher based on project size)
  • Intel i5 or higher CPU
  • Integrated graphic cards Intel HD 4000 or above
  • Windows 7 or above


  • 32 GB of RAM (May need higher based on project size)
  • 80 GB of free space on HDD (May need higher based on project size)
  • Intel i7 or higher CPU
  • Solid State Hard Drive

How to Gain Access

This Desktop application is only included in the Professional Tier of PrecisionMapper subscriptions. If you have a free account and you wish to gain access to the PrecisionMapper Local Application you must upgrade your subscription.

With PrecisionMapper Professional you will receive one license to the PrecisionMapper Local program. This license can be transferred between different computers you can only be registered against one machine at a time. 

Simple Mode VS Advanced Mode

PrecisionMapper Local offers you two ways of processing your data- Simple mode and Advanced mode

The Simple Mode will have a much easier workflow to go through when processing data. Many of the default processing parameters are used in this version of processing. You will have shorter processing times, but with default parameters you have a greater chance of issues in your orthomosaic results. For more information on processing data in Simple Mode see our Orthomosaic Using Simple Mode article.

The Advanced mode offers greater control over processing variables when compared to Simple mode. In Advanced mode you can manually adjust variables associated with the intermediate layers. With this mode you will experience longer processing times, but if parameters are done well you can increase the quality of your final orthomosaic. For more information on processing data in Advanced mode see our Orthomosaic Using Advanced Mode article.