PrecisionMapper is primarily a cloud based application. However there are several desktop programs and mobile apps that are needed to work most efficiently in this system. See instructions below on where you can find and download each of these programs. 

PrecisionFlight For DJI App

This is a mobile application that is used for the collection of data with your drone. This is not a software that only runs on mobile devices like a phone or tablet. 

  • Access the "App Store" or "Google Play Store" on your tablet and search for "PrecisionFlight for DJI" 
  • Install latest version of the application. Be sure to check back for updates before you go out for a mission. 

Desktop Software

To download PrecisionViewer and PrecisionMapper desktop app, follow these steps.

1. Navigate to PrecisionMapper homepage (, log in to your account and find the Downloads tab at the top of the screen.

2. In PrecisionMapper section, click the installer package suitable for your operating system.

3. Download and install the package.

PrecisionViewer Desktop Software

PrecisionViewer gives you the ability to upload your data as well as cross-checking data in the field to insure quality data. The software offers multiple uploads at once, compression of uploads, and greater efficiency in the uploading process when compared to the upload. This is also the  only method of tagging Ground Control Points in the survey. To learn more about PrecisionViewer and its In field features, see In Field Data Verification section of our knowledge base.

        Note: For best performance, Windows users should have Windows 8 or higher version.


PrecisionMapper Local 

The PrecisionMapper Local software can be used to orthomosaic images locally in our own processing engine. This is included in our Professional tier PrecisionMapper plans. For more details on the program and how it works see the PrecisionMapper Local section of our knowledge base. 

        Note:  PrecisionMapper desktop app is supported only on Windows, and requires 80GB storage for processing and storing scenes.