There are a few methods of updating your aircraft firmware. For new model DJI drones like the Phantom 4 Pro and Matrice 200 you are able to update over the DJI Go 4.0 app the DJI Assistant 2 desktop program. For older drones like the Matrice 100 and Matrice 600 you must use the Micro SD card and data online or the DJI Assistant 2 program. Below we will review each of these methods of updating your drones firmware. 

Updating Over DJI Go 4.0 App

1. Check your devices:

            - Your remote controller is at least 50% charged. 

            - Your mobile device is connected to the internet.
            - Your mobile device has 30 MB of free space. 

2. Power on the drone and RC controller and connect to DJI GO 4.0 

3. Check the status of the drone for any available firmware updates. Tap on “Camera View > System Status Bar > Overall Status”. 

4. Connect the Micro USB port of the aircraft to the mobile device with the provided USB to Mini USB cable. 

5. Follow the on screen instructions in the DJI Go app to upgrade. Ensure internet connection is available during this upgrade. 

6. Once complete restart the aircraft

Update Using DJI Assistant 2

1. Install the DJI Assistant 2 software to a Windows or IOS computer. The installation files are found here under the Software section of downloads.

2. Power on the aircraft and connect it to a computer using the provided USB to Mini USB cable

3. Launch the DJI Assistant 2 desktop program and login with a DJI account

4. Select the corresponding drone on screen and click the "Firmware Upgrade" section from the left bar

5. Select the firmware version required and begin the upload. DJI Assistant 2 will download and upgrade the firmware automatically. 

6. Restart the aircraft once the update has completed.

Update With Micro SD Card

1. Download the current supported firmware package from the following link.

2. Check the battery level and Micro SD card storage
    - You'll need at least 50% battery life to preform a successful upgrade.  

    - Make sure that the Micro SD card has 100MB of free space. 

3. Prepare the firmware update package by Extracting/Unzipping all the files from the download. Place the .bin upgrade file directly on the root of the Micro SD card. 

4. With the aircraft powered off, insert your Micro SD card into the camera. Then power up the drone alone and not the RC controller. 

5. Select the firmware version required and begin the upload. DJI Assistant 2 will download and upgrade the firmware automatically Wait 25-30 minutes for the upgrade to complete. The aircraft will beep in a "D-D-D-D" wile upgrading, when complete the pattern will change over to a "D-DD" pattern. 

6. Once the wait is over power the drone off and remove the Micro SD card. Check the Text file generated on the Micro SD to confirm that the update was successful.