To begin applying an algorithm to your data you must have an processed survey already in the system. For more information on obtaining a processed survey in your account check out the Uploading Your Data section of our knowledge base. 

Be sure to analyze the orthomosaic in detail before running your algorithm making sure to inspect for artifacts and general data quality. Any defects in the orthomosaic will filter through to the algorithm output. 

1. Navigate to the "My Surveys" tab of your PrecisionMapper account and click on a survey link to get to the viewer page. 

2. Make sure that the orthomosaic output is active in the PrecisionMapper viewer by clicking the orthomosaic thumbnail on the left bar. 

3. Beneath the PrecisionMapper viewer you will see a menu of Applicable Algorithms. This will show you all algorithms which your current Orthomosaic is compatible with based on Sensor Type and Resolution of the output. 

4. Use the "Apply" button within the applicable algorithm to begin the Algorithm process. 

5. Depending on the algorithm you are working with, there will be various steps to navigate before the processing begins. (Please refer to the individual knowledge based article of each algorithm for the additional steps.)

6. Processing time for each algorithm will also vary based on the size of the survey and the algorithm that you run. It will remain in "Pending" status until the process is complete. At that time the Status on the right bar will read "Complete". 

Downloading Outputs

1. Once the algorithm is in "Complete" status you will be able to see the output in the viewer (For most algorithm jobs). 

2. To download your outputs click the folder with down arrow icon next to your algorithm output from the bar on the right side of the viewer. 

3. Here you will see a range of outputs to download for your algorithm. You are able to download each output format one at a time from this menu. For further explanation on each of these outputs and where to view them see our PrecisionMapper Outputs section of the knowledge base.