To upload, process, and view data online you must create a PrecisionMapper account. This will give you the ability to take all the individual images and videos collected by your drone and turn it into meaningful data. Currently there are two versions of accounts that you have the ability to sign up for- Free and Professional. A full list of details for each plan can be found in our Subscription Tiers article.

To sign up for a Professional tier account contact our sales team at  


To create a Free PrecisionMapper account, follow these steps. 

1. Navigate to and click "Sign Up" on the home page

2. Next you will fill out the Sign Up form

3. Once complete click the "Sign Up" button. PrecisionMapper will then send a confirmation email. 

4. In your inbox click the "Confirm My Account" link to finalize your account. 




Logging In

1. To login to your PrecisionMapper account go to and select "Log in" on the home page. 

2. Enter the Username and Password created during the registration process. Then click the red Log In button which will bring you to your PrecisionMapper homepage. 

    Note- You must use your Username for login and not the Email address

3. If you cannot remember your login information you can always use the "Forgot Password" link from the login page. This will send an email to you with instructions to reset your password.