Standard Smarter Package Subscription- In the Box

Your Smarter Package will arrive in several boxes containing your drone, sensor, batteries, and other accessories depending on the variety of Smarter Package you ordered. Below is a breakdown of what you will receive in our standard Smarter Package Subscription.

Box 1- Drone and Accessories

  • Matrice 200
  • 2x TB50 Intelligent Flight Batteries
  • Huawei MediaPad M3 Tablet
  • Charging Hub and Power Cable
  • USB to Micro USB Cable
  • Micro SD Card
  • Vision System Calibration Plate
  • Carrying Case

Box 2- Additional Batteries

  • 2x TB50 Batteries

Box 3- Sensor

  • Zenmuse x5s Visual Sensor

Drone Assembly

In this section we will review how to setup your Matrice 200 for flight.

  • Carefully remove the drone and flip it upside down and back into the box for stabilization while attaching the landing gear.

  • Landing gear legs are found in the lid of the M200 box. Flip the Landing gear clamps downward to prepare for leg attachment. Insert the dowel into the Landing Gear holds keeping the legs running parallel with the rotor arms.

  • Once fully inserted flip the clamps back into the upward position to lock the landing gear into place

  • To lock the motor arms into place unfold each frame arm and slide the arm lock rings as far as you can towards the drone body. Now rotate the frame arm locks about 90 degrees until the sliver line lies within range of the locking icon on the base of the arm.

  • Remove the propellers from the lid of the M200 box. Propellers without silver rings should be installed on motors without marks. While propellers with silver rings should be installed on motor arms with the same color.

  • To Install the propeller to the motor press the propeller down onto the mounting plate and rotate in the lock direction until secure. Always pull up on your Propeller after installation as a final check.

  • To begin installation of the sensor on the underside of the M200 remove the connection protector from the sensor hold by pressing the sensor release button and turning the cap to the left.

  • Insert the sensor onto the M200 making sure to aligning the White dot on the sensor gimbal with the red dot on the M200 sensor hold. Once inserted fully turn the gimbal connection to the right and align the two red dots.

  • Before installing the batteries check your battery charge level by pressing the indicator button on the battery pack. The 4 indicator lights will tell you the charge level of the battery.

  • Remove the protective cover from the battery connection point at the end of the battery. From the back side of the Matrice slide the battery into either battery hold until you hear a click. Do the same with the other battery in the opposite battery hold.

  • Now your drone is fully assembled and nearly ready to fly once necessary updates and checks are done.

Tablet Setup

With your package you will receive a Huawei MediaPad M3 Android tablet. This is a new tablet that will need to be setup with your personal information when opened. Once the basic setup process is done you will need to download a few different apps to work with the Matrice 200. 

  • Access the "Google Play Store" on your tablet and search for "PrecisionFlight for DJI" 
  • You will also need to download the "DJI Go 4.0" application

Drone Updates and Setup

Before your first flight it is necessary to do some initial registrations and checks in DJI Go 4.0. The first thing you will do is register the drone within the DJI Go application this activates the warranty on the device and ties it to a DJI Go account. Firmware updates on the drone and/or sensors could also be necessary out of the box. We will take you through these initial steps below.

  • With charged batteries and sensor installed power on the Matrice 200. This is done by tapping once quickly and on the second tap holding down until the drone powers on. If you are operating inside leave the propellers off the drone for safety.

  • Power the RC controller by tapping the power button once quickly and holding down for the second push. Wait for the indicator light on the RC controller to turn green before moving to the next step. This signifies a healthy connection between drone and controller.

  • Now use the USB to Micro USB cable provided to connect your tablet to the RC controller.

  • This should spawn a dialog in the tablet to connect the drone to a compatible app on your device. Choose the DJI Go 4.0 app and use the “Just Once” option.

  • Once the DJI Go 4.0 app opens sign into an existing DJI account or create a new one. Take note of any account created as you will be tied to this account through the registration process. This registration does not need to be done each time you use the device. It is a one time process to officially Activate your drone.

  • If your drone is successfully connected you will see a picture of the M200 on the screen with a “Go Fly” message in the bottom right corner. Select this icon to enter the Camera view.

  • On this screen you will be able to tell if the drone is ready to fly or not. If any updates, calibrations, or other errors are present with the drone it will display a red banner at the top hinting at what is needed to get the drone ready for flight.

  • Tap the banner at the top to get more details on the status of the drone. In the “Overall Status” field it will tell you any updates or errors present on the drone that are barring you from flying the drone.

  • Based on these messages in the overall status menu check the M200 user manual to see what steps to take next. The most common action that appears here is a firmware update notification. The directions for this are detailed in the Updating Firmware section of our knowledge base.