Some users like to be very precise when it comes to the area they are planning to fly. The manual flight plan entry function allows you to enter your flight bounds with exact coordinates instead of just drawing an area over the basemap in PrecisionFlight. 

The standard flight planning process outlined here is carried out until you get to the "Draw Area of Interest" part of the flight planning process. The example below is showing you the manual entry for a Grid survey type in PrecisionFlight. 

1.  Once you are on step 3 of the flight planning process you will see a "Manual Lat/Long Entry" link below the search function. Draw Area of Interest. For this method you will need Latitude and Longitude values for the corners of your area of interest to create the polygon. These coordinates should be in WGS 84 Geographic Coordinate system to be compatible. 

2. In order to create a flight plan using latitude and longitude entry you'll need to input at least 3 coordinates 

3. Click on "Add Coordinate" in order to add your first coordinate. Input the Latitude and Longitude then press ok to save that waypoint. Repeat these steps until you have successfully created 4 waypoints and a flight plan.

4. Once you are happy with your flight plan you have the choice to Save the flight for later or Save and fly immediately