In some situations you may not have internet in the field. The only feature that is using internet within the PrecisionFlight app is the basemap that is necessary for reference throughout your flight. 

PrecisionFlight has a feature available that will allow you to download these basemaps before leaving your home or office. This will give you the ability to operate without internet in the field. 

1. To use this feature you will need to have your area of interest in a flight plan already. Once you have done this tap on the menu icon in the upper left hand corner.

2. Tap on "Flight Plans" and you should see your previous flight plans that were saved. 

3. Once you have selected the desired flight plan you will see a button that reads "Offline Map Download". Select this Download button to begin the download of basemaps for this flight plan. The time needed to download this can vary depending on your internet speeds.