Within the Advanced Settings menu of your flight plan you will find a set of Camera Settings that are tied to that particular flight plan. PrecisionFlight does not automatically adjust for lighting throughout a flight so depending on your lighting and environment these camera settings may need to change to get the best results in your final outputs. 

Active Camera

The active camera will define what image dimensions are used throughout the flight. Setting this incorrectly could result in incorrect overlap values in your source data. If you choose Zenmuse x3 while using a Zenmuse x5 the 70% front and side overlap value would be invalid. This is because the Zenmuse x3 will cover more ground than the Zenmuse x5 in the cameras field of view. 

To simplify your workflow you should always use "Auto Detect" for this field. If the camera is picked up and compatible the Live Camera view will feed the current view point of the camera. 


The camera mode is extremely important for getting the right brightness in your images. If this is done incorrectly you may end up with source images that are to dark or to light. This can cause failure in the processing of your orthomosaic or invalid readings in your algorithm results.

None of our camera modes are adjusting for light throughout the flight. This allows for more scientific values in the final output. 

  • Recommended- The recommended settings should be used in full sun conditions. 

  • Manual- Gives you full control of the camera settings. This will allow you to set- ISO, Shutter, White Balance and Aperture settings in PrecisionFlight


  • Aperture Priority- This allows you to set camera based on the F-Stop value. This F-Stop (Aperture) value takes priority while the other settings adjust according to this. 


  • Shutter Priority- Allows you to set camera based on Shutter Speed. Much like Aperture Priority, you set shutter speed and all other settings adjust according to this.

  • Presets
    • Sunny- Use Direct Sunlight mode when flying with no cloud coverage
    • Cloudy- Use Cloud Cover mode when flying with a full overcast