Algorithm Details

Algorithm Details

Supported Sensors       
Visual (RGB), BGNIR, RGNIR, Micasense, Sequoia, Thermal
Supported Resolution
Other Requirements
Estimated Processing Time
4 hours or less


Scout View Report is a valuable tool that can be used to create a nice looking map of your 2 dimensional Orthomosaic. In this report we also insert relevant data about the Survey and the Environment at that time such as Temperature, Wind, Precipitation, Survey date, Survey location, Sensor used, Platform used and more. 


The final output of the Scout View report you will recieve a one page PDF Map of your field with Scout View details included. 

In the first section you will see all flight specifc information on the survey. This information is detected through your source data as well as inputs to the PrecisionMapper system made through the upload stages. 

In the second section we have site specific weather information pulled over from Weather Underground.