Algorithm Details

Supported Sensors
Visual (RGB)
Supported Resolution
20 cm/pixel or less
Other Requirements
Estimated Processing Time
Less than 2 hours
Georeferenced Image, KML, PDF Map


Triangle Greenness Index is a vegetation index developed in partner with Exogeneisis. It is designed to calculate a vegetation index value for Visual data. 

TGI is a vegetation index that is sensitive to differences in Leaf chlorophyll content at leaf and canopy scales. Like other vegetation indices for visual data it relies heavily on the green band of the data to make the Index calculation. 

TGI= –0.5 [ (λ_Red – λ_Blue)(R_Red – R_Green) – (λ_Red – λ_Green)(R_Red – R_Blue)] 

It calculates the area of a triangle with vertices: (λ_Red, R_Red), (λ_Green, R_Green), and (λ_Blue, R_Blue), where λ is the wavelength (nm) and R is the reflectance for bands in red, green, and blue wavelengths