In order to apply Ground Control Points to your survey you'll need to download PrecisionViewer. PrecisionViewer can be downloaded from your account under the downloads section. 


1. First use the "Add Survey" button to add the source data to your PrecisionViewer panel. Once this is done your survey will show up as a tile in the PrecisionViewer program. From here select the eye ball icon in the bottom right corner of the survey. 

2. Click on the toggle switch that says "GCP" in the upper left hand corner.

3. Now click on "Add Ground Control Point." Here you can import you GCP's with a .csv file or you can enter them Manually. 

4. For the Import of GCP's you are able to "Download Sample GCP File" from the Add Ground Control Point screen for an example of formatting for your CSV import file. 

  5. Once you have your points uploaded click on the edit icon located to the left of the delete icon. 

    6. On this page you will need to visually identify where your GCP's are located from the list of "Candidate Images". You'll need to verify a minimum of 3 images with GCP tagged.

    7. Repeat the verification process for all of your points. Then select save.

8. Once these GCP's have been saved  return to the "Survey List" page. You have added your source data and Ground Control Points but the data is not uploaded yet. To begin this process use the cloud icon found in the bottom right corner of your survey tile in PrecisionViewer. The upload time will vary based on the size of the survey and quality of your internet connection.