Linking a PrecisionMapper account to a My John Deere

PrecisionMapper users can link, or unlink a John Deere organization account from the account Settings page. When linking, users will be redirected to John Deere to verify their credentials, and to give permission for PrecisionMapper to automatically send notifications and job outputs to your John Deere operations center.

1. You can create a MyJohn Deere account here.

2. Now that you have your MyJohn Deere account created you are ready to link your PrecisionMapper account. In order to link you PrecisionMapper account you'll need to go to the Settings menu displayed under your user name and select "Link Accounts" next to the John Deere Logo. 

3. Once you have clicked link accounts you'll receive this pop up asking you to link your accounts. 

  • If you have not yet linked an organization in MyJohn Deere it will ask you to link one. 
  • It can take 24-48 hours for your organization to be approved.

4. You should be redirected to this webpage once you have selected "Link Accounts."

5. Once successfully linked you will need to change some of your Notification settings as well. Ensure that you have a check mark next to the following notification settings

  • Send PrecisionMapper notifications to my John Deere Operations Center
  • Send PrecisionMapper job outputs to my John Deere Operations Center

Without changing these notification settings data will not be ported over to your My John Deere account. 

Transferring data to My John Deere from PrecisionMapper

In MyJohn Deere there is an Operations Center where you can view all of your fields and files. Follow these steps to ensure that your files are being transferred over to MyJohn Deere.

1. Once you are signed in to your MyJohn Deere account click on the Operations Center icon. 

2. You will see a map view with your "Fields" listed if you have any in there already. If you do not have a Field setup this is a necessary step to allow data to port over properly from PrecisionMapper. A "Field" in the My John Deere Operations Center should align with any survey you plan to upload to PrecisionMapper. 

First zoom down to your field location and click the + sign displayed below to add a new field. Outline the bounds of your field using the polygon tool displayed. Once you have finished drawing out your survey's boundaries and finalized all the final detail click ADD FIELD. 

3. Once you have added your field to My John Deere you are ready to upload data to PrecisionMapper that will then automatically port over to My John Deere. 

By selecting the Shapefile Fishnet you will be given the option to create RX files in My John Deere once the data comes over