Algorithm Details

Supported Sensors       
Visual (RGB)
Supported Resolution
10cm/px or less
Other Requirements

- Oblique photos of North, South, East, West sides

Estimated Processing Time
4 hours or less
PDF report depicting basic information, maps of roof with measurements


The purpose of this algorithm is to take several surveys of the same site over time and summarize these surveys in one report. The Progress Monitoring Report is able to create a visual summary of the differences in up to five surveys of the same site.

Creating your report is easy. Just select the surveys, identify an area of interest in the first survey, and the Progress Monitoring algorithm will produce a PDF featuring:
Images of the site from North, South, East, and West compass directions
Survey information, including: date, location, latitude/longitude, map projection, resolution, and weather.

For the best results, fly sites in both orbital and grid patterns.

This algorithm is helpful for:
Builders monitoring progress on their construction site (without having to fly traditional aircraft or rely on satellite imagery)
Insurance adjusters accelerating the claims cycle by reducing the time required to assess changes in, and damage to, assets
Energy professionals preventing “high risk, low probability” events by frequently inspecting infrastructure and equipment


The only output of the Progress Monitoring tool is the PDF report seen below. It includes overhead veiws of each time fram with general information surrounding the map.