Algorithm Details

Supported Sensors
Visual (RGB)

Supported Resolution
10.00 cm/pixel or less

Other Requirements

- Building with roof in area of interest
- Oblique photos of North, South, East, West sides

Estimated Processing Time
Less than 4 hours
PDF Report


Roof Report Lite makes it easy to create a report around any survey of a building or home. To do this you first need a orthomosaic of 10 cm/pixel or less of the building. To utilize this report fully include Oblique images of the North, South, East, and West sides of your building. These images will be used in the "Facet Oblique" sections of the report. 

We also have a full version of the Roof Report that is included in the Professional Tier of PrecisionMapper. This will expand on the information given in the Roof Report Lite by automatically measuring roof surfaces and summarizing into a similar report. 

Running the Algorithm

1. Choose a orthomosaic of visual data that has a resolution of 10 cm/pixel or less. To measure the roof the orthomosaic must have quality 3 Dimensional outputs included during processing. Apply the Roof report Lite algorithm to this survey using the Applicable Algorithm menu below the viewer. 

2. In the next step verify the orthomosaic that you will be applying the roof report lite algorithm. 

3. In the Roof Facet Boundary stage you must outline every roof surface that you wish to measure. Most users will be using the polygon function during this stage to highlight these surfaces. To complete  a polygon you must loop all the way around to your first waypoint. 

4. In the final step select whether you would like a KML output included in the final results of the algorithm. 

5. The process will take 4 hours or less and in the end will output a nice PDF report of your roof with measurements around the polygons highlighted. 


The only output to the Roof Report is a PDF Report. This report is split into several sections to help summarize the roof flown. 

Page 1- Survey information including date, location, latitude/longitude, map projection, resolution, and weather

Page 2- Images of the roof from North, South, East, and West compass directions