Some of our current subscription tiers will have limitations on the number of surveys you are able to upload every month. 

Free Tier- 5 Orthomosaics per month

Professional Tier- Unlimited Orthomosaics per month 

Please note that a single upload corresponds to a single cloud based map/ orthomosaic. You may apply different algorithms to your surveys and they will not count as an upload. Each orthomosaic is counted against your monthly limits as soon as you "Approve" the output result. 

The monthly orthomosaic limit will reset on the same day of the month that you signed up for your subscription. 

To see what your Orthomosaic limit is, click on your username at the top left corner of your PrecisionMapper account. The second item on the drop down menu is your Orthomosaic limit. You will be able to see how much is your total Orthomosaic limit as well as how much of it has already been used. 

Example of Professional Tier Account

Example of Free Tier Account