PrecisionMapper now accepts Video data for upload to your account. This feature is particularly useful if you are using the PrecisionFlight for DJI for time stamps throughout your data. 

With the Video Flight mode you manually fly the drone while collecting video data throughout the flight. The difference between this flight mode and manually flying in DJI Go are the video tags that you can generate throughout your flight. While flying manually you can select a trigger on the PrecisionFlight screen which will create a time stamp at that particular point in the video. Once uploaded to PrecisionMapper these time stamp metadata is correlated with your video data.

The upload of Video data is done on Currently you cannot upload Video data using the PrecisionViewer desktop program. 

1. To begin uploading Video data to your PrecisionMapper account go to and login to your account. 

2. Select the Upload Survey button at the to of the screen on your "Surveys" tab and Select the "Video" from the upload options. 

3. Select "Choose File" from the upload screen and navigate to your Mp4 or .mov video file on your computer. These are the only accepted video formats in PrecisionMapper currently. 

Once you add the video file, there will be a notification beneath the file name that will tell you whether your Time Stamp data (If applicable) was properly matched with your video file. If you did collect time stamps in PrecisionFlight and your Metadata was not found please contact PrecisionMapper support. 

Before you begin the upload you can also change the Survey Name and Survey date on this screen. It is automatically detected from your Video by default. 

4. Once you are ready begin the upload by clicking the "Start Upload" button at the bottom of the screen. A upload status bar will appear on the screen to keep you updated on the progress. Do not close out of this window before the upload reaches 100%.

5. Once the upload is complete the video will appear in My Surveys on your PrecisionMapper account. In the PrecisionMapper video viewer there are a few basic functions you can use to navigate your video- 

  • On the video time bar there are small white tick marks if you have Time Stamp markers that were matched up from PrecisionFlight. You can skip directly to these points of the video by clicking on the white marking. 
  • Speed up or slow down your vide playback by selecting the 1x icon on the video bar
  • You can also control the volume and go full screen using the functions on this video bar