Within PrecisionMapper all the data you have uploaded will be archived in the cloud and available at any time by logging into your PrecisionMapper account. Datasets are organized on your Surveys page based on the date that the survey was flown.

Once you select a Survey from your surveys page you will see the data within our online viewer. To the left of this viewer you will see all the processes that have been run against this source data. As you select these processes from the left bar they outputs will appear in the Web Viewer depending on whether they are compatible with the online viewer. Some data sources must be pulled into an external software for full review.

The Web Viewer itself has several features that can be used for analysis of your data online. Below we have covered each of the features of the web viewer.

2D Viewer- The default view of the web viewer is the 2D visualization of the data. This will display the KML format of your processed data represented online.

3D Viewer- The 3D viewer is only active if you have selected “3D outputs” to be processed during your upload process. When present the 3D model is displayed in the 3D Viewer.

Within the online viewer there are several functions that you have to work with for marking and interpreting your data. 

Drop a Pin- Users can drop a georeferenced pin on your imagery that will be saved alongside the project. These pins can be labeled by the user.

Select an Area- Measure an area of your 2D products by using the “Select Area” feature. This will measure any polygon designated by the user in Hectares.

Change Image Opacity- Image opacity can be changed within the viewer to give your map a look of transparency if needed.

Web Viewer Basemaps- The basemap can be changed from Satellite Imagery to Hybrid street map for your  analysis.